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Your Vision, Our Innovation.

IT & Web Based Services 

Information technology is a crucial and effective way to communicate with both association and committee members. 

By maintaining a high level of internet presence Compass International MICE & Meetings can ensure maximum exposure for a minimum cost. 


One connected pipe across all event phases means: No Data Drifts, No Data Leaks. 

All access to data are logged in compliance with latest privacy laws.

All accreditations are embedded in our credentials (QR code or RFID), & with a real-time connection to our validation hardware, we are able to admit attendee enrolled a minute ago.

Strategic Planning

Compass International MICE & Meetings will work alongside to help you achieve long term success, stability and growth in a cost effective manner.  Our teams are all under one umbrella  and one branding except for visa applications. We carefully consider timing, budget, activities, tools and services that contribute to the development of learning, networking and motivation. 

We deploy customized event applications, by integrating the Cloud, Software, Hardware, Humanware, & Last-mile devices to deliver Peer to Peer solutions for Event Organizers.

Financial Management

We provide significant value through negotiation, disciplined processes, the utilization of technologies and continuous improvement initiatives. Each meeting’s scheduling and budgetary needs are paramount and maintained throughout every production.

Our Services

Project Management

1. Plan meeting and space allocation

2. Prepare logistics and operation plan with timeline for the

 Organizing  Committee.

3. Attend Main Organizing Committee’s monthly meetings to report on actions taken.

4. Venue Management

5. Managed F&B onsite

6. Plan and contract audio-visual requirement

7. Plan manpower deployment

8. Onsite branding 

9. Handle invitations to guests and officials (including RSVP)

Meeting Expenses & Management

1. Manage the whole event budget to include all costs

and elements of the event including revenue streams.

2. Assist to establish a budget that includes 

third party cost required for the organization of the conference.

3. Schedule regular budget meetings  .

Onsite Management

1. Plan and execute all operations and logistics onsite.

2.  Ensure efficient and timely set-up of the congress facilities. 

3. Plan and manage human traffic flow to ensure smooth running of the conference.

4. Set up registration counters, speakers preparation room, plenary and breakout sessions including av requirements for each room.

5. Co-ordinate signage placement (e.g. registration, scientific and directional signage etc)

6. Co-ordinate the poster sessions- set up and tear down base on schedule by the Organising Committee.

Delegates, Speakers, Exhibitors, VIPs,  Sponsors 

1. Pre registration – to work with 3rd party vendors on the design

 of registration, processing of registration and attend to Visa

 enquiries and application.

2. Plan and source for manpower to ensure the registration 

counters are adequately staffed.

3. Managed onsite registration counters for delegates to collect

 badges and lanyards.

4. Co-ordinate staffing and packing of congress bags including

 insertions or materials and Congress Book.

5. Sponsorship Management - Standard | Gold | Platinum

Support and plan  with the list of confirmed sponsors and will 

provide follow-up service to confirmed on their requirements,

and to ensure all entitlements are fulfilled.

6. Follow up service and support confirm speakers and VIPS.

Registrations Management

DIY, Scan‐in, or Beacon check‐in

1. Act as Registration Office

2. Managed online registration

3. Manage as point of contact on phone, email and mails enquiries.

4. Collate registration and bank in fees to designated bank accounts.

5. Update system for payments to the Organizing Committee.

6. Prepare personalized name badges.

7. Prepare certificate of attendance

8. Provide Invitation Letter to facilitate delegates in visa application

9. Follow-up on all collections and refunds

10. Assist to close the registration files with sponsors and delegates.

About us

Extensive experience in Medical Conferences and Clinical Medical Meetings for more than 12 years of experience.

Cassandra Tan

Confident and professional who has helped solved production flow  obstacles by creating a mapping system of the publications that is easy to read and understand for EyeworldProduction.

Julio Guerrero

Confident and professional who has helped solved production flow  obstacles by creating a mapping system of the publications that is easy to read and understand for EyeworldProduction.

Eric Cornish

Experienced Special Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the medical association industry. Strong program and project management 

Taylor Wise 

An Ophthalmologist who specializes in comprehensive eye care.

Jonathan Khan

Extensive experience in Medical science writing

Jena Passut

Dedicated , strong communication skills and a collaborative mind-set.

Lorraine Chew 
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